Best Hair Transplant Co - Why Us

Best Hair Transplant Co - Why Us

Best Hair Transplant Co - Why Us

As the Best Hair Transplant Co, we provide hair Transplantation service, which is an efficient and quick solution for people suffering from problems with baldness and hair loss. Regain your lost hair by undergoing a hair transplant!

A doctor does expert Teamhair transplants by a team of experts certified to perform the procedure.

Fully equipped Hospital The Hospital we use to perform hair transplants in is well-equipped and reliable to meet European standards.

Lifetime Warranty All procedures performed by the Best Hair Transplant are covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Your hair is safe hair care.

Both genders suffer from hair loss and baldness for various reasons. The causes are factors, but they are usually due to too much stress, deficient nutrition, or using chemicals in shampoos.

There is currently no medically-tested shampoo, serum, or conditioner that can restore hair loss. So, it is possible to eliminate this issue with the help of the hair transplantation procedure that is widely accepted as the best solution.

Which techniques do you prefer?

In the Best Hair Transplant, we use FUE

What is the major difference between FUT and FUE?

The difference lies in how you take out the grafts: while the FUE extracts them one at a time, the FUT pulls out a piece of skin, divided into transplants using a microscope. Each transplant is a follicular unit, also known as FU. What we offer our patients is FUE.

Is there any difference between graft and hair?

Yes, it is! Be aware of whether it's about hair grafts or the grafts. Grafts are composed of several strands of hair, based on the way they're cut and the method of cutting employed. Hair is nothing more than hair.

How many hair grafts could be transferred at one time?

It is important to remember that there's a difference between hair grafts and grafts. The most experienced hair surgeon can currently transplant 4500 grafts simultaneously. Many Swedish clinics today can not perform over 2000 hair grafts at a time.

How long will hair transplant develop?

The hair transplanted grows all through your lifespan.