What is the DHI technique comprise?

What is the DHI technique comprise?

What is the DHI technique comprise?

The DHI method is FUE hair transplantation method since extraction is generally accomplished by removing the Follicles the same manner. The different is that when transferring using DHI the positioning of the graft occurs by implanting it directly without drilling into the graft's place of placement. A cannula, which is hollow is utilized to locate the follicle that has collected and is later fixed directly to the desired spot to get the hair's angle. The DHI method has its pros and cons over the FUEmethod.

Benefits from DHI technique

The reduction in the length of hair follicles on the outside of the body can make it more robust.

There is less bleeding in the area of the plant.

Possibility to increase the density of follicles in various areas.

The techniques are more complicated than the FUE method, more experienced doctors and more sophisticated equipment are required.

Possibility of doing it without shaving the head.

Advantages of DHI technique

The process can take longer. approximately 2500 grafts are done in the course of one or two treatments.