Beard and Moustache Transplant

Beard and Moustache Transplant

What is beard and mustache transplantation? And who can have performed this procedure?

The transplantation of mustaches and beards is a method that is popular in the same way as the process of hair transplantation for men suffering from losing mustache or beard. In certain visible areas on face areas, the hair disappears due to various causes like insufficient hormones and wounds and scars. However, the question is, who can do beard and mustache transplants? In the first place, we must investigate the lack of hair in the area. The suggested age for mustache and beard transplantation is at least 25 years old after determining and removing the root cause of the shedding. Disorders of metabolism and hormonal imbalances that cause a reduction in hair growth in the region are a good subject to be examined at this stage, and the transplant is done when there is no problem.

What is the process for the transplantation of mustache and beard done?

FUE is the preferred method for mustache and beard transplantation, the same way as hair transplantation. The root calculation is done to thicken the shed beards and fill in thin areas. If a patient does not have a beard, the doctor will examine the patient's facial anatomy and then determine the number of hairs transplanted. After local anesthesia, the sowing takes between 3 and 6 hours.

Transplantation of the mustache or beard can be a surgical process that should be carried out in hospitals with the help of expert teams. Growing a mustache or beard in regions that are not stable can result in serious complications.