Hair Transplant General Information

Hair Transplant General Information

Hair Transplant General Information

What happens?

Start by sending us images from various angles to review before we proceed.

After receiving the photographs and evaluating them to determine whether it is suitable to undergo a hair transplant, we will set an appointment date.

The flight ticket is booked, and provide us with the ticket in duplicate. It is recommended to travel to Istanbul on the day before the treatment to allow you to take a rest before the treatment.

We suggest staying for three nights in Istanbul to ensure that you don't need to hurry.

Travel to Istanbul

We will send your flight information to our driver, who will pick you up at the airport. Our clinic recommends all of our patients bring bags to take with them on their journey home. The shampoo is specially formulated, and the lotion you utilize for the first two weeks after the treatment; the bottles are 200ml, and all excess of 100ml bottles are thrown away at the airport. It is crucial to place the bottles in a bag you can check.

It is vital to check the validity of your passport before traveling to Turkey. Your passport needs to have a minimum validity of 150 days before entering Turkey. Otherwise, you'll need to apply for a temporary travel document at an airport.

Treatment day

The day before treatment, Our transfer service will collect you from the HotelHotel according to your agreed time and take you into the facility.

In the hospital, you begin by signing up in the system. After that, you conduct blood tests to check whether you are suffering from blood-borne diseases to ensure that the team doesn't get infected.

First, the team creates an outline of your hairline that you believe will suit you when you gaze in the mirror. If you are satisfied, you may have this hairline or alter your desires. It is never recommended to start treatment before agreeing on what treatment should be done.

Journey back home

Based on the time that your flight leaves and the time of check-in and laundry time at the hospital could be different.

Are you in possession of an air ticket that departs early in the morning? Then, you visit the hospital the next day to check in, and the next day, take the shuttle directly from your HotelHotel towards the airport.

If you can send us a photograph of your ticket to the airport, we'll make your reservation for your date in the future. We will welcome guests to our HotelHotel situated in Istanbul over three consecutive days. On the third day, we'll transfer you to the airport.

Before taking you to airports, we assume you to the medical facility to clean and treat the area of transplantation.

In the hospital, we will examine the transplantation area, and nurses clean the area of transplantation with great care.

While washing, it's explained to the patient what to wash their clothes when they come home. The newly transplanted area is cleaned the same way they do at the hospital for 10-14 days until the crusts of wounds have disappeared.

After you've washed the transplanted area and given instructions on the post-care, we will drive you to an airport. Then you fly to your home.